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New CAO for Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority

Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority’s (LSRCA) Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Mike Walters will assume the position of Chief Administrative Officer effective October 6, 2014. Walters, currently LSRCA’s…

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Aug. 25 meeting re plan for Strawberry Island

A development plan for Strawberry Island will be discussed Monday, Aug. 25, 7 p.m., at a public meeting in the Council Chambers, Ramara Municipal Building.Strawberry Island Resort Inc. purchased the island in the northeast…

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Ask The Lake’s Nature Detective – A New Feature for Lake Simcoe Living

Have you ever observed a bird in your backyard or along the nature trail and you were not sure of the species – but you were certain it wasn’t in any of your bird guides? Or maybe it was a plant with unusual leaves, flower or growth…

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News release: New website shares Georgian-Lakehead plan

Georgian University Partnership Centre and Lakehead University have an innovative plan to offer students a different kind of education – the best of college and the best of…

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Let's Have Dinner


Let's have BREAKFAST!
Forget the bed… Let’s go straight to the breakfast room at these local...

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Great Days Out


Walk amongst the Swans at Burlington Bay
On Boxing Day of 2012, my husband and I did our yearly tradition of si...

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Body of Knowledge


Stretch your knowledge about muscles
It used to be common knowledge that you were supposed to stretch b...

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Heritage Lake Simcoe


Meeting the Lake Simcoe Water Walkers
On the evening of June 26, 2014, I had the pleasure of meeting the Waa...

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Lake Simcoe Living


Winter's leftovers
Winter's leftovers With more thawing periods than snow - finally - wi...

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Bird Sightings Around Lake Simcoe


Ron Fleming blog: In memory of Samwise
The first day of my March Break was March 8, so I ushered it in by dri...

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Al, it must have been an amazing sight to see five trumpeter swans flying overhead! We'll have a sto...
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