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Sept. 12, 2014 - Georgian College and Habitat for Humanity are partnering to develop skills and build homes. Students in the Carpentry Techniques program at Georgian College’s Muskoka Campus will go beyond the classroom this semester to help on a Habitat for Humanity build site in Gravenhurst.


There isn't much anyone can do to stop growth around Lake Simcoe, writes Claire Malcolmson in the Sept-Oct 2014 issue of Lake Simcoe Living Magazine. But councils can protect the lake by approving only the most environmental development.


By Andria Louca
Food is religion; growing it, sustaining it, sourcing it, sharing it, making it, eating it.
Despite what some hipsters believe, this really isn’t a new idea. We’ve been communing with and around food since the beginning of time.


Aug. 26, 2014 — Rescue Lake Simcoe, a citizen organization that advocates for the protection of the environmental health of Lake Simcoe, has released the preliminary results from their poll on municipal election campaign financing.


Let's Have Dinner


Let's have BREAKFAST!
Forget the bed… Let’s go straight to the breakfast room at these local...

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Great Days Out


Walk amongst the Swans at Burlington Bay
On Boxing Day of 2012, my husband and I did our yearly tradition of si...

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Body of Knowledge


Stretch your knowledge about muscles
It used to be common knowledge that you were supposed to stretch b...

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Heritage Lake Simcoe


Olympic Party on Lake Simcoe
 On Sunday, Feb. 9 at 2 p.m., an Olympic Party took place on Lake...

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Lake Simcoe Living


Winter's leftovers
Winter's leftovers With more thawing periods than snow - finally - wi...

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Bird Sightings Around Lake Simcoe


Ron Fleming blog: In memory of Samwise
The first day of my March Break was March 8, so I ushered it in by dri...

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Al, it must have been an amazing sight to see five trumpeter swans flying overhead! We'll have a sto...
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