Connecting Lake Simcoe's Community

Lake Simcoe Association

Contact person: Johanna Powell
Street: 362 Parkwood Ave.
City: Bradford
Phone: 289-221-2910

The Lake Simcoe Association is a recently incorporated, grassroots, non-profit organization that is a communications hub for the Lake Simcoe Watershed.

The LSA publishes Lake Simcoe Association Forum, which is a special insert in Lake Simcoe Living Magazine; a monthly e-newsletter; and a Facebook page. People and groups across the Lake Simcoe Watershed can get help in publicizing their activities and concerns, especially relating to the environment.

Lake Simcoe people are invited to become Lake Simcoe
Association Supporters.

There are three different levels:
• Ripple: $10/yr – receives the monthly LSA e-newsletter. Enables LSA to boost content to a small audience.
• Wave: $20/yr – receives the monthly LSA e-newsletter and digital edition of Lake Simcoe Living Magazine. Enables LSA to reach a larger audience on different platforms, including social media.
• White Cap: $50/yr – receives the monthly LSA e-newsletter and mailed, print copy of Lake Simcoe Living Magazine (5X per year). Enables LSA to reach larger audiences with multiple messages using e-newsletter, LSA Forum, social media.

Non-profit and charitable organizations that enhance conservation, recreation, or eco-tourism on the Lake Simcoe Watershed also are invited to become Supporters. Benefits are:
• $100/yr – tell your story in LSA Forum and e-newsletter.
• Includes: all members of your organization receive digital edition of Lake Simcoe Living (5X per year) and the monthly e-newsletter.
• Optional insurance at our special group rate.
Individuals or organizations who support the LSA’s goals are invited to become a Sponsor.

There are two levels of Sponsors:
• $500 – your 1/4-page ad in Lake Simcoe Association Forum.
• $50 – your business card ad in the LSA e-newsletter.

Please contact for details.

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