Connecting Lake Simcoe's Community

Lake Simcoe Watch

Contact person: Jack Gibbons
City: Georgina
Country: Option Name
Phone: 416-260-2080
We are asking candidates running in elections in communities around the lake where they stand on four issues that are vital to the health of the watershed. Developing and implementing a plan to reduce phosphorus loadings to 44 tonnes per year by 2026. Reducing phosphorus loads is essential to protect our cold water fishery (e.g., lake trout and whitefish) and to reduce algae blooms and other noxious plant growth in the lake. Ensuring that at least 40% of Lake Simcoe’s watershed consists of high quality connected forests, wetlands and meadows.  This natural cover is critical for filtering the water that flows into the lake and as habitat for wildlife.  It also provides important recreational opportunities for both residents and visitors. Requiring the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority to listen to the public when it comes to applications to destroy wetlands or other natural habitat.  Listening only to developers on these vital issues leads to poor decision making. Amending  the Development Charges Act to allow municipalities to recover 100% of their additional infrastructure costs to service new residential and commercial projects from their developers.  For too long, average taxpayers have been subsidizing new development.  It is time to make growth pay for growth.

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