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'Staggering' numbers of birds on Lake Simcoe

2021 10 21 CORMORANTSsmallA reader sent this question to Bob Bowles, Lake Simcoe Nature Detective.

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Don't spread this new invasive aquatic plant!

2021 08 28 bowles frogbit2
2021 08 28 bowles frogbit1

By Bob Bowles -- Several hours spent monitoring lakes, rivers and creeks in North Simcoe has made me realize roadside ditches, creeks and small streams are being choked out by a new invasive aquatic plant native to Europe.

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Black squirrels with blond tails!?

2020 05 04 squirrel2Dear Lake Simcoe Nature Detective:  A family of black squirrels with "blond tails" has shown up in our woods this spring.

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Mystery insect is tree squirrel bot fly

Tree Squirrel Bot Fly Cuterebra emasculator4

By Bob Bowles -- Any live bug in Simcoe County in late March -- other than the occasional woolly bear, snow flea, or winter stonefly – is, of course, extremely interesting. Therefore, I was intrigued to receive a message from an Orillia resident with a report and photo of a yellow and black bumblebee-like creature she discovered crawling over a neatly folded pile of clean laundry inside her house. She felt this was unusual and asked if I could identify it. 

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