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Johanna Powell is a journalist who fell in love with Lake Simcoe while bouncing across her waves in a sailboat. She is the founder and publisher of Lake Simcoe Living, a magazine and website that together celebrate life on the Lake Simcoe Watershed. The Lake Simcoe Living blog delivers additional news and comment about this beautiful and...

Johanna Powell is a journalist who fell in love with Lake Simcoe while bouncing across her waves in a sailboat. She is the founder and publisher of Lake Simcoe Living, a magazine and website that together celebrate life on the Lake Simcoe Watershed. The Lake Simcoe Living blog delivers additional news and comment about this beautiful and exciting area.


A walk on Carden Alvar

Father's Day, this year, was a beautiful day that began with a small group of us prepared and ready to learn about the unique flora on the Carden Alvar. We gathered here at the Nature Centre and then drove to the Prairie Smoke entrance, where we began our five-kilometre hike on the Alvar.

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Yunick is a big, goofy dog who loves to play

2022 04 07 Yunick small

Yunick is a three-year-old American Bulldog who is patiently waiting for his loving forever family to come along.

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Aphids produce sugar poop treats for ants

2021 09 05 hawke aphids reduced

         By David Hawke -- Aphids on your garden plants can be a real drag, as aphids obtain their food by piercing the stem of a plant to get the sap. Most guide books and web sites offer oodles of ways to kill them, however, as with any species of wildlife, the closer you look, the more interesting things get!

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Phragmites spreads at frightening speed

2021 07 11 hawke phragmites

By David Hawke - Now that the gypsy moth caterpillars are cocooning and no longer bombarding your patio with their poop, you may be at a loss as to what to worry about next. Not a problem, always something of concern “out there.” This week it’s all about phragmites!

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Visually striking loons have an eerie yodelling voice

  2010 05 08 hawke loonBy David Hawke — The common loon is a bird that is familiar to most if not all of us.

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Embrace Spring!

20210312 Sandy smaller

I am fortunate and thankful because I start each morning by going outside, taking the dog for a walk or to romp with other dogs at a park. The routine is always the same. It started years before the pandemic and continues now, as lockdown regulations rise and fall like the tide but still permit dog walks.
A dog embodies hope – hope that outside the door there will be a squirrel to try to chase, another dog to play with, a friendly person with treats or simply to give a quick pat on the head.
The hope is contagious, and no matter what time of year or (almost) what kind of weather, I look forward to these outings. It is a wonderful opportunity to experience changes in the weather, temperature, daylight hours and seasons.
Sometimes I am rewarded with special sights, such as a flock of snow buntings very early this Spring, apparently following the shore Lake Simcoe in their northward trip to their far-off summer home. The beautiful song and glorious burst of white feathers as they gathered in the bright blue sky to continue their journey were breathtaking.
I hope you are able to embrace Spring after this long year of isolation from people and, for many, nature.
Irene Turnbull reminds us, starting on Page 26, that we can reconnect with nature by bringing colours and elements from the outside into our homes.
At the same time, there is reason for concern about the future of nature in the Lake Simcoe area, as the Ontario government undertakes its 10-year review of the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan. The Lake Simcoe area is one of the fastest-growing regions in Canada and home to 465,000 people (2016 census data does not include recent growth). Based on provincial and municipal growth plans, the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority says the urban area in our watershed will increase by approximately 50-percent by 2041 — and the population will nearly double.
Unless this is taken into account when reviewing the LSPP, there is no assurance of future protection for the lake.
The Lake Simcoe Caucus is a group of Members of the Provincial Parliament whose riding boundaries surround Lake Simcoe and who have a vested interest in its protection and preservation. Which one is your MPP? Let them know you want them to protect the lake by strengthening the Lake Simcoe Protection Act. Lake Simcoe depends on them.
Stay safe. See you at the lake!

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Sweet bonded siblings looking for home together

2019 12 12 shadow.tigger

Shadow and Tigger are a bonded pair of siblings who are hoping you will welcome them both into your home.

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UPDATE: ADOPTED! Loodles will be your family helper!

2019 12 11 loodlesLoodles is nine years old and has been waiting for six months at the Furry Friends Animal Shelter for her 'furever' family.

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UPDATE: ADOPTED Sweet and soft Mya loves to be brushed and cuddled

2019 12 05 Mya

Sweet and soft Mya is 9 years old, with a glowing personality.

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UPDATE: ADOPTED! Energetic puppy needs a family to keep up with her!

2019 12 05 Joey

Joey is a female, approximately 9 months old.

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UPDATE: ADOPTED! Are you sweet Erica's purrfect person?

2019 11 29 Erica

Darling Erica is still hoping and waiting to find her forever family at Pet Valu Barrie Yonge St.

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UPDATE: ADOPTED! Lucy is still looking for someone to snuggle!

2019 11 28 Lucy1

Lucy is a bit shy at first but once she is comfortable with you, she becomes a snuggle bug.

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UPDATE: ADPOPTED! One-year-old Ethan is the purr-fect fit!

2019 11 21 Ethan

Ethan is the purr-fect fit for any home! He is funny, entertaining, social and just an all around busy boy.

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UPDATE: ADOPTED! How can you resist April's sweet face or soft, silky fur?

2019 11 08 April

One year old April was a rescue from Georgia, and she is just so happy to be here and meet new people.

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UPDATE: ADOPTED! Beautiful Millie is a shy three-year-old

2019 11 07 Millie

This beauty is Millie.

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Furry Friends’ PetSmart Adoptathon Nov. 8th to 10th

2019 11 06 adoptathon home holidays 01

Furry Friends’ PetSmart Adoptathon aims to get rescued kittens & cats “Home Before the Holidays.”

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UPDATE: ADOPTED! Cuties Riley & Noel!

2019 10 31 Riley Noel

These two cuties are a bonded pair that need to find a home together. They’re as sweet as can be and are so excited to meet you!

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Hop to it -- adopt gentle Kuro

2019 10 25 Kuro

Kuro Is a two-year-old neutered male bunny who enjoys gentle petting. He prefers not to be held in your lap.

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UPDATE: ADOPTED! Paddy is one lovable cat!

2019 10 17 Paddy

Paddy is uniquely handsome, with quirky looks and a warm personality, all wrapped up into one lovable cat!

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UPDATE -- All adopted! Sweet kittens ready to join your family

Luci Furr

Sweet kittens Luci-Furr, Amendial and Mazikeen were named after characters in the hit Netflex show Lucifer.

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