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UPDATE: ADOPTED! Are you sweet Erica's purrfect person?

2019 11 29 EricaDarling Erica is still hoping and waiting to find her forever family at Pet Valu Barrie Yonge St.

She is patient and understands that good things take time, but surely she won’t have to wait too much longer, will she? We’ve told her that her purrfect person is out there somewhere.

Erica is a marvelous, one of a kind kitty with a perpetually grumpy face, a big floppy belly, and oodles of love to give to whatever lucky family brings her home.

Gentle Erica became a part of the Furry Friend’s family when she and a big group of 12 of her friends came all the way from Georgia as rescues during the relief efforts of hurricane Dorian. Erica is only 2 years old, and despite everything she’s been through her sweet and light attitude has shone through it all. She will surely have many tales to tell to her new family!

Erica has a warm, tender and bright personality that she readily shares with everyone she meets, and she's always happy to make new friends. Erica loves to roll around on her back and have you pet her squishy belly. Don’t make fun of her paunch, either! Those are her ‘extras’, and she’s very proud of her generous midsection. She'll even hold your hands to her tummy with her own paws, to make sure you understand when she wants you to rub her! Once you start petting her, she has a quiet but steady purr that just won't quit.

While you're petting her, Erica will often try to tuck her head into your hands and have you softly hold her face while you rub her chin and forehead. Erica loves to gaze up at you while you hold on to her face, she's one of those kitties that likes to make a soulful connection with the people that she loves! She especially enjoys it if you kiss her forehead and tell her what a gorgeous girl she is. And for the record, she always has that heavy-browed and serious look to her face, even when you're loving her and she's purring up a storm... It's just one of her quirks! Resting cat face.

When you pet Erica, you may notice that her tail ends in an odd knobbly shape - Don't worry! Erica has had this oddity since she came to us, and our vets have assured us that it is an old injury that has healed. Touching it doesn't seem to cause Erica any pain, and she has no trouble flicking her tail around, but it would still be good manners to be gentle with her tail when you pet it just to be on the safe side.

Erica doesn't particularly get along with young or high-energy cats, and she won't hesitate to give them a hiss or a smack! We think that she may be okay with a relaxed or older kitty who will let her have her space. Erica can also be picked up, cuddled, and is learning that nail trims aren't the end of the world. What a brave girl!

If you would like to give Erica a home where she will be loved unconditionally, please come and visit her at Pet Valu, 632 Yonge St., Barrie, ON L4N 4E6

Furry Friends Animal Shelter Inc.


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