FruitShare 3For the month of September, Living Green Barrie’s (LG) climate action is ‘Eat More Plants’.

Eat less meat, less dairy, support local farmers or grow your own vegetables. Why should you start eating more plants and less meat? It can help the planet by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing the amount of land needed to raise livestock, in turn lowering rates of deforestation. It can also help save you money on your grocery bill.

Eating and supporting local and growing your own veggies can have a big impact too. Growing your own vegetables in a “climate friendly” garden can trap carbon in the plants and soils and provide a super local source of veggies that didn’t need to travel on a truck to get to your table. A climate friendly garden minimizes the disturbance to soils through no-till or no-dig practices and enriches the soil by utilizing compost instead of chemical inputs, among other methods.

To mark this climate action, celebrate local food, and increase food security in our community, LG is having a Harvest Share Day at Shear Park in Barrie on Sept. 25 from 10am-2pm.

Does your Lake Simcoe-area property include any fruit trees?

LG is asking residents to pick their fruit trees and bring this fruit to Harvest Share. Extra garden produce will also be accepted. The fruits and veggies collected will be sorted and donated to the Barrie Native Friendship Centre.

Urban Pantry Barrie will be on site with some fun cooking, dehydrating and canning demos, and be sure to see the antique cider press!

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To learn more about the benefits of growing your own food, read Janet Marinelli, “The Hidden Carbon Trap in Your Garden? It’s All About the Soil”, Climate, Audubon

Posted April 19, 2019. (

about-soil) Accessed Sept. 16, 2021

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