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Adorable guinea pigs make great pets!










Are you looking for a little critter to keep you company?! Look no further! The OSPCA Barrie Animal Centre has 3 guinea pigs available for adoption - Mocha, Coco and Latte!



















All three guinea pigs are very friendly, and about 10 months old. Mocha is a female while Coco and Latte are males. Need more convincing? Here are 7 reasons why Guinea Pigs make great pets:

1. They don't need much room.
2. They're gentle and friendly - some even like to cuddle!
3. They're easy keepers - Fresh water and food, tidy cage and a little playtime are all they need on a daily basis.
4. They're fairly quiet - they communicate with adorable squeaks and chirps.
5. They're super cute.
6. They can be litter trained.
7. They don't need expensive toys - You can make some great toys out of cardboard, wood, wicker, or even plain paper.

If you're interested in meeting one of our adorable guinea pigs, please visit us at our satellite location, Petsmart in Barrie, 33 Mapleview Dr East, (705) 722-0337



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