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How to defend your trees from LDD caterpillars

Trees in Trouble 2The sound of the lake may be competing with a crunching and munching noise in the trees these days. The culprit… Lymantria dispar dispar or LDD moth for short (AKA Gypsy Moth), the hot topic of discussion over the past month.

Many trees in the Lake Simcoe area are going to be under attack this summer by the LDD moth. This year will see a peak in its population cycle. Population surges happen every seven to 10 years. Typically, when populations rise rapidly, they are usually followed by a crash from a host-specific virus or fungus.

LDD moth caterpillars are defoliators; they eat leaves and can leave your tree looking bare -- right when it should be fully leafed out and doing the bulk of its photosynthesizing. However, a healthy tree can withstand a season or two of defoliation without any long-lasting impacts.

Tuning into social media will provide you with some interesting solutions to protect our trees from this pest, everything from smearing a layer of lard around the trunk to spraying entire forests, but what is the best solution and are these moths the biggest obstacle that urban trees are up against?

Living Green Barrie is hosting a free documentary screening of the short film, Trees in Trouble: Saving America’s Urban Forests. This half-hour movie tells the compelling story of how one community in the U.S. confronted their tree crisis from invasive pests. Also available for registrants to view is a conversation with City of Barrie Forestry staff addressing invasive pests and our trees.

Register for free today through and watch anytime between June 11 to 13. Get to know what is troubling our trees and what actions are being taken to help them. 

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