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Letter to the Town of Innisfil

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By Diane Sykes, Guest Blogger -- I am extremely concerned about the health of Lake Simcoe and the relationship to the Simcoe Muskoka Health Unit's 6 beach advisory postings this year.

Between beach areas 2-5 there are several drainage pipes that run out directly to the beach area - these are from the unfiltered water coming from the ditches in Alcona.

If they put a wharf in front of this area - it will change the natural movement of the lake which refreshes the water in this area. I feel that it will cause even worse bacteria counts if the water can't move.

In front of beaches 2-5 - there are 2 sandbars - making it too shallow for a floating wharf. Someone or their child will try swimming under the wharf to swim on the other side and due to the wave action - they may become trapped under the wharf or may be hit by a boat.

Boats and swimming areas should never mix. We do not have a large enough beach area to do both in the same place. What is wrong with having a natural park and beach - where the people can enjoy nature, water and the scenery of looking out and seeing Fox and Snake Island?

We will have a population of 65,000 people by 2025 and while we do have a fairly large park - the frontage on the lake is very small.

The population in Innisfil that do not have boats definitely outweighs those with boats.

People are not aware that we already have a Concrete Public Wharf in Innisfil Beach Park at the bottom of Innisfil Beach Road and it is never used for boats. The water is so shallow in front of beach areas 2-5 - that it would be irresponsible - because of the safety issues and the environmental issues for the Town of Innisfil to build a wharf. The height of the water rises & falls with the seasons - and have seen the beach area being dredged to remove a large boat that got stuck. The people in this bay have to put in their docks late and remove them early because of the changing height of the water. Having a wharf that is only viable for 2-3 months of the year is a great waste of valuable tax dollars.

We already have an overflowing park - which residents are unable to get into on the weekends. We do not need to spend millions of dollars on someone's vision of what staff is showing us - of what their vision of the park or PORT OF INNISFIL should be.

Myself along with many others feel that the open house & the survey did not give a very good opportunity to show what we really want. We were basically asked yes or no questions - not what our real opinion is. There were posters put up about about fireworks, dog parks, splash pads etc & we were given dots to put on the ones we liked. Dots were given to visitors and very young children as well. That would make it very easy to say all these people liked these ideas - when in fact they should have been given Green dots for YES and Red dots for NO

This was not a no option for any of these pictures and suggesting that it be added to the second public meeting - but apparently it didn't happen.

The picture of the wharf and movie screen did not give any opportunity for the public to post any of their comments and neither green or red stickers to say yes or no.

We are at a population of 37,000 now - what will it be like when it reaches 65,000? Innisfil Beach Park is simply - a PARK - not Canada's Wonderland or Disney World. Quite simply - people have moved here to be able to enjoy the outdoors and the lake and beach.

Innisfil Beach Park was the attraction for buying homes and cottages here - NOT THE PORT OF INNISFIL

Sincerely, Diane Sykes

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