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Maxfield is a pet with 'catitude'!

 2019 05 22 Max

Meet Maxfield.

He has been at Furry Friends for a couple years, mostly because his personality can change in an instant. Once you know and understand him, you can see his lovely personality shine.

Max is five years old and came to Furry Friends as a stray from the Georgina area whom no one claimed.

You will mostly see Maxfield napping in our entrance room and he can be petted (but you will most likely hear us warn you about him) .

Watch out if he sits on you as it is quite the process to get him off your lap.

Maxfield does NOT particularly like other cats, so he should be the sole pet in the home.

Maxfield also demonstrates some "catitude" from time to time in the way of nips and swats. He just wants to assert himself as the alpha.

We are looking for a mature household with no kids, and it would be best if he is the only pet.

Is it his turn to be adopted? Let's make his dream come true!

For more information about Maxfield and other pets for adoption, please contact
Furry Friends Animal Shelter Inc.
25 Hart Drive, Unit 15
Barrie, Ontario L4N 5R8

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Friday, 13 December 2019

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