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UPDATE: ADOPTED! Meet Polar, a handsome Siamese hunk

2019 09 04 Polar

If Polar's striking blue eyes don't catch your attention from across the room, his outstanding vocal range sure will.


This handsome Siamese hunk puts the CAT in caterwaul!

Six-year-old Polar arrived at Furry Friends after being rescued from a breeding-scheme-turned-hoarding-situation with his three young sons Harold, Gene, and Crumpet.

All four boys came through our doors plagued by multiple health problems including an abundant amount of fleas, undernourishment, and just being downright filthy from lack of care. Despite their hardships, both he and his sons were friendly and happy to accept our volunteers' love and attention.

A few weeks later we received even more of Polar's kittens from the same home, all in similar poor condition, and so it quickly became clear to us that he was either one of the main breeding males in the operation, or they had just been letting him run wild with the females with no regard to overpopulation... Not only that, but he went absolutely wild in his play cage when we had new unfixed females arrive!

Once he was finally healthy and stable enough for it, getting Polar neutered was a high priority.

Even after all of the TLC and special care he got from our med room volunteers, Polar's body still shows some signs of his previous life in the way of patchy skin, coarse fur, and a few remaining scars on his snout and face. Polar also will sometimes spontaneously get a runny nose here and there, but a healthy diet and letting him get lots of fresh air near open windows will help him manage just fine on his own. He's fit as a fiddle despite how he looks, and although he isn't self-conscious at all about his appearance, he would appreciate you telling him how beautiful and lovely he is.

Papa Polar is as playful as they come! He won't hesitate to bound across the shelter, leaping up shelves and shimmying up cat trees to catch toys you throw for him. Polar is rather fond of perching on top of high places in general, it's not unusual to find him sitting with all four of his feet tucked together on top of a narrow scratching pole! With his lithe and athletic body, he has no problem playing for hours and running himself in circles until he's finally tuckered out and ready to sleep the day away.

Being a Siamese, naturally Polar loves to talk... And sing... And yell... if there is an ounce of silence in the air, you can be sure that Polar will fill it for you with his deep and loud meow! He talks about a lot of things, but usually Polar quiets down a little bit once you figure out what he is trying to tell you.

Sometimes he's chatting because he wants you to pet him, sometimes he'll sing you a little song about what he wants for dinner, and sometimes he does in fact just talk to himself and his feline friends in the shelter! Polar is just very fond of the sound of his own voice.

After growing up in a house full of his own loud Siamese children and housemates, Polar has had just about enough of other cats! He really, truly, does NOT like sharing his space with the other cats at the shelter, and has to have a big walk-in cage of his very own to prevent him from having a temper tantrum and trying to bowl the other cats over in a fit of jealousy.

He has been introduced to different cats multiple times throughout his stay with us, and every attempt has ended with him being a stressed out mess of a cat who needs a lot of pampering and treats to calm down again. So if you're interested in adopting Polar, he needs to be the centre of attention in your home with NO OTHER ANIMALS!

Chances are he wouldn't get along with dogs either due to his dominant personality, but he doesn't mind children.Polar can sometimes play a little rough when he gets excited, so very young children would probably not be a great match for him.

For more information, or to adopt Polar, contact:

Furry Friends Animal Shelter Inc.

25 Hart Drive, Unit 15
Barrie, Ontario L4N 5R8


 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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