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UPDATE: ADOPTED Jose still looking for her perfect person

2020 03 02 josieJose has been with us here at Furry Friends for 163 days. That’s a pretty significant portion of her 1.5 year old life that she has spent waiting for her own special person!

Right now she is hanging out at Pet Valu Innisfil.

Don’t get us wrong - A kitty’s life spent in a shelter is far better than a life on the streets, hungry, in danger, or worse, and we are proud of the love and care we give all of our little ones. But let’s be honest, it’s just not the same as a kitty getting to experience the love and joy of a real forever home.

Jose is ready and excited to get a taste of the good things that life has to offer her. She wants to have the opportunity to sleep on her human’s bed, join her family for meal times, and relax on the couch with them to watch whatever is playing on tv... Even if it’s a re-run, Jose wouldn’t mind one bit.

Being young, Jose is naturally full of energy. She wants to be able to run up and down the halls of her home, chasing stick toys and catching catnip mice that her family tosses for her. She always wants to play, and we know that she would just love to crouch by a window and watch the birds and other wildlife. Maybe if you bring her home, you could set up a nice bed by a window just for her! Sometimes Jose gets so into playing that she will nip your fingers out of excitement, but all you need to do is step back and let her breathe for a few minutes. She never wants to hurt you, she just sometimes forgets that she isn’t a graceful wild cat, and that fingers aren’t for hunting.

Despite everything she’s been through, after being rescued during Hurricane Dorian and making the long trip from Georgia to Barrie, Jose is bright and full of affection. All she truly wants is a home that is going to love her for who she is, quirky personality and all. It’s been remarkably hard to find her perfect match, but she and all of us here are keeping our chins up and hearts full of hope.

Every kitty has the perfect person for them out there somewhere, we just need to find and introduce them to each other.

Jose is looking to go to a home with no other dogs or cats so that she can be the light of her forever family’s life.

For more information or to adopt Jose, go to Pet Valu Innisfil

1491 Innisfil Beach Rd, Innisfil, ON L9S 4B2

(705) 436-5576

or contact Furry Friends Animal Shelter Inc.

25 Hart Drive, Unit 15
Barrie, Ontario L4N 5R8


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