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'Staggering' numbers of birds on Lake Simcoe

2021 10 21 CORMORANTSsmallA reader sent this question to Bob Bowles, Lake Simcoe Nature Detective.

I just went boating on Kempenfelt Bay on Oct. 19th. There were hundreds of coromorants and gulls -- it was amazing!

I understand they may be after the minnows, but the numbers are staggering.

We have a few birds in Barrie during the summer -- but not like this. The lake must be a gathering place for them on their migration.

Any thoughts?


The Nature Detective replies:

Double-crested cormorants, gulls, loons, grebes and ducks are all starting their fall migration.

They gather on Lake Simcoe to feed on the great abundance of Emerald Shiners that we see each fall coming into shallow waters in very large schools. This makes the Shiners easy meals for the many species of migrating birds staging on Lake Simcoe as they move south. 

Thank you for your question!

Bob Bowles, Lake Simcoe Nature Detective

Photo: Cormorants on the dock at Jackson's Point.


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