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UPDATE: ADOPTED Survivor with a heart of gold

2020 02 18 DonnieDonnie is a wonderful, one-of-a-kind kitty.

Donnie is waiting at Pet Valu (Barrie,ON - Cundles Rd) for that special person to fall head over paws in love with him.

Donnie has a bit of a rough and tumble outwards appearance that can discourage people when they first see him reaching his paws out towards them as he asks for love.

But his battle scars are from surviving outside on his own for a very long time.

Donnie was rescued in Bradford after her was found desperately scrounging for food in a Mcdonald's dumpster, and his initial fear and multiple injuries indicated he had been cruelly abused in the past.

After a lot of dedicated TLC from his amazing fosters, Donnie began to learn that he was safe inside and would no longer need to fight for his next meal, or wonder what dangers lurked around every corner.

Despite everything Donnie has been through, he has a heart of gold. He is sweetness on four legs, and all Donnie wants is for you to hold him in your arms and pepper kisses on his HANDSOME face, and he just loves to help you out with your daily routine around the house.

He is a very intelligent kitty who quickly catches on to when it's time to eat, time to play, or time to snuggle (It's always time for snuggles!)

Something you should know about Donnie is that after a harrowing few years outside, scrounging and scraping by every single day just to survive, he is now FIV positive. All this means is that he has a slightly weakened immune system, and that he is more prone than other kitties to catching colds, and that he may take a little longer to get over illnesses than a non-FIV cat.

FIV is not uncommon in outdoor kitties, and thankfully CANNOT be transferred to dogs, or humans - only other cats, and only through a very deep bite wound.

Conveniently, Donnie has no teeth and so there is no risk. Not that Donnie would ever bite anyways -- he adores other kitties and even lived with two lovely ladies for several months. Donnie is quite the talented cuddler, and never picked a fight once.

All Donnie needs is for someone special to come and meet him. You will quickly see what an amazing, loving, gentle and perfect soul this little kitty is. Donnie gets along great with people as well as other cats, and would truly make a great family member. Donnie is neutered, microchipped, and up to date on his shots.

Please stop by and see him at Pet Valu (Barrie,ON - Cundles Rd), and let him know you're thinking of him.


Furry Friends Animal Shelter Inc.
25 Hart Drive, Unit 15
Barrie, Ontario L4N 5R8
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