Are you not sure what to do about the shoulder injury you have? Or the recurrent sprained ankle?

Did you know that chiropractors don't just fix backs?

Chiropractors receive 210 hours of training in orthopedics, and 540 hours of training in human anatomy.

Yes, there is a significant amount of time dedicated to the spine, but we also learn about the extremities of the body!

We are experts in the field of diagnosis and management, and treat any disorder of the neuromusculoskeletal system – meaning nerves, muscles and joints.

Sometimes adjustments are involved (and yes, body parts besides your back can be adjusted!) but many conditions can also be managed through soft tissue therapy, and active rehabilitative exercises.

Even if you have back pain but don't like being adjusted, there are many other options to help make you feel better!

Next time you are having a problem with your head, shoulders, knees or toes, remember there is a treatment option available to you at your chiropractor's office!