Have you ever wondered, if you have had a massage, whether Chiropractic can still help? Or if there's any point in going to both?
The answer is yes.
Chiropractic and therapeutic massage can be very complementary to one another.
When your joints have become dysfunctional it can be a “chicken or the egg” scenario — as your joints become dysfunctional, then your muscles go into spasm, which creates more dysfunction in the joints. As a Chiropractor, I do a fair amount of work on the soft tissues surrounding the joints, so that when I manipulate the joints they are not being held so tightly by muscles in spasm.
If you have been to a massage therapist before I manipulate your joints, this allows me to get into the joints even better, as the focus of the treatment is relieving the spasm.
Some conditions are purely muscular.
However, if you go for a massage and the joint is still not moving the way that it should, chances are the spasm in the muscle is going to come back.
In the long term, the weak muscles should be strengthened to prevent reoccurrence!