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Segway at the Distillery District, Toronto

Not long ago I had the opportunity to ride a Segway through the Distillery District in Toronto on a historical tour. 

It was a hoot! 

The weather was a tad cold, but it made it all the better because there were fewer people in the district, which meant less likelihood of me running them over.  Particularly all the brides.  

It was a bit odd at first getting use to the balancing, but once I grasped the concept we were off. 

For anyone who is a history buff, you would really enjoy this.  Not only do you get to scoot around looking like "Mall Cop", but you get told fascinating historical info.

The tour was a gift from my daughter, she had bought it from a company called "Trythat(!)."

So if you are looking for a unique present for someone, I would definitely recommend it.  They have different types of packages to choose from.

I was so enthralled with the experience that I thought I would call around Lake Simcoe area establishments to see if they offered similar experiences, and to my surprise they do! 

At Horseshoe Valley Resort, Barrie, they offer a similar experience where they take you on nature tours through the cross country ski trails. 

The tours run from late April until October and last about an hour at the cost of $69. 

Just like the Distillery tours you go with a tour guide.  It all sounds very interesting so next summer I hope to try it out with our ladies group. 

If you have taken this experience please, share you thoughts and experience.



The Distillery Experience was booked through Try That(!) at 1-888-WOW-DAYS (969-3297)  www.TRYTHAT.CA

For the Horseshoe Valley tour, contact

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Wednesday, 08 July 2020

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