In the past it would be the “Town Crier” that announced the news so here we go…..
Hear Ye!
Hear Ye!

Ladies and Gentlemen
In this year of our Lord 2012.
The Heritage Lake Simcoe initiative has received
two donations enabling us to move forward with
having a banner made, letterhead printed and a logo designed etc.
We would like to thank our generous donors for their faith in our project.
We will not let you down!

I am happy to announce that we have received several endorsement letters as well. We have sent other letters out and hope that the recipients will answer soon. We have heard from several Historical Societies from around the watershed endorsing our project. As you can see we have not been sitting about.
It is nearing the end of February and the lake is not frozen over completely as yet. Even though the public is warned about it there are still snowmobilers that are taking their machines out and finding that golly they end up at the bottom. One can hardly feel sorry for them as one can see that it is clearly NOT safe.
We must all be aware of what is going on at all times. Something we just heard about recently was that Toronto is planning on sending its wastewater north to Lake Simcoe because there isn’t any more room to get rid of it in Lake Ontario. We must watch this carefully and make sure that it NEVER happens.
All around the watershed there are buildings that you can see this time of the year because the leaves are off the trees. Take a good look as you are driving through the countryside at the lovely old stone and brick farmhouses with big verandahs across the front and summer kitchens built on the back. Usually there are big old trees in the yard and a line of evergreens on both sides of the driveway. Sometimes there is evidence of an old barn out the back but many of those have gone by the wayside in recent years. Isn’t it a shame that the old houses can’t be incorporated into new subdivisions? I wonder if the developers even think about it. Surely somebody would like to live in an older home with some character, on the edge of a subdivision.
Barb and I have been reviewing the things that we have done over the year since we initiated the Heritage Lake Simcoe project. We are happy with the progress that we have made. In the next year we hope to do even more. ‘Till next time….