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Heritage Lake Simcoe Blog #19

It is the end of June and the waters of Lake Simcoe are high. We had a very rough day about two weeks ago. There were white caps rolling over our dock and many folks lost their docks or pieces of them, plus chairs and other odds and sods went floating down the bay. Boats left their moorings and ended up on the rocks. I have never seen the lake that wild and I have been here all my life.

This is the time of year that the Canada geese and the ducks all parade their families past our dock. The goslings are tiny yellow fuzz but grow very quickly. The crested merganser mother floats by with her little ones, sometimes 18 all in a line. If she senses danger, she calls her brood and they seem to almost fly on top of the water, they swim so fast.

There is a beaver that swims by but we haven’t figured out where it lives yet and there are always the mink. They are fascinating to watch. They move quickly and are wonderful swimmers. They scamper down to the end of the dock, whip down the ladder, swim a little, dive down and come up in a matter of seconds with a crayfish. They do this several times, each time leaving the crayfish on the dock. If you are close enough you can hear the mink crack the crayfish then it can’t get away. After they have a few crayfish they scamper off to feed their young, the crayfish hanging in their mouths.

If you are fortunate enough to see the great blue heron land on your dock and walk about, it is a wonderful sight. It is interesting to watch them fish. They move so slowly, watching the water for a fish swimming by. Then quick as a wink they swoop down and the fish hasn’t got a chance. They are so graceful when they take off and fly away. Their wing span must be about ten feet at least.

Kingfishers are fun to watch as well. It is very difficult to get anything done if you get watching this wildlife. It is a lucky thing that we are retired. We are fortunate to have nature at our front door and we know it. We also know that we must take care of this unique lake and that is why we want to designate Lake Simcoe the “First Heritage Lake in Canada.” Please spread the word.

As I write this, the Canada Day holiday weekend is coming up. On July 1 we will wave our flags and celebrate this great country of ours.

Take a minute and think how very fortunate we Canadians are that we live in the BEST COUNTRY in the world. HAPPY CANADA DAY! Until next time.

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