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Innisfil's first Doors Open

Well the ice eventually went out on Monday, April 22. It just kept sinking beneath the surface until it disappeared. Every year, the ice going out is different. The water is very high at present and we haven’t had a big storm yet.

Barb and I are preparing a presentation for the fall to see where we go from here in our campaign to get Lake Simcoe the recognition it deserves. It is a lot of work. The two of us and our executive are all busy people but the data is coming together.

On June 5, we are attending the Lake Simcoe Conservation Foundation dinner. The Foundation raises money to clean up the rivers and streams that flow into the lake and the conservation authority do the work. Debby Beatty is the dedicated leader of the Foundation and it has raised funds for years on behalf of our lake.

Barb and I are speaking at the Ontario Heritage Conference in Midland. At every presentation we give people are very enthusiastic about our lake becoming the first Heritage Lake in Canada. The more we talk about it as a heritage lake, people will just assume that the lake is a heritage lake but we want it to be official.

We in Innisfil just had our first "Doors Open". It was a howling success! We, the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario, Simcoe Branch, worked together with the Innisfil Historical Society and set up a wonderful display in the Grange Hall in Lefroy.

We were very fortunate to have a replica of the “Emily May”, one of the steamboats that plied Lake Simcoe delivering freight, mail, settlers and finally day trips for pleasure seekers all in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The replica had never been seen by the public before so was a great drawing card for us. It is 12’ long and still in the building process. We had a post card display, an ice industry on the lake display and many other interesting photographs of the Innisfil area.

The ladies of the Lefroy United Church served a yummy lunch and all that attended the Grange Hall had an interesting experience.        

This is the fifth year that Johanna Powell and her Lake Simcoe Living magazine has been in print. Barb and I would like to thank Johanna for printing our blog and  articles about Heritage Lake Simcoe.

We around the lake are fortunate to have a magazine dedicated to educating the watershed about what is happening around and on our lake. Congratulations Johanna !  

Until next time…….

In the water with the fish!
When will the ice go out?


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Tuesday, 26 May 2020

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