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Olympic Party on Lake Simcoe

 On Sunday, Feb. 9 at 2 p.m., an Olympic Party took place on Lake Simcoe.

The Olympians marched out onto the ice to the Olympic anthem. Greece lead followed by Canada, Chile, France, Holland, Italy, Poland, Scotland, United Kingdom and United States, all countries carrying their flags and sign.

The countries made a circle around the Olympic torch and watched while the torch was lit, then planted their flags in the snow. Standing on rugs on the ice rink the games began. Throwing the Frisbee, hitting hockey pucks and throwing the football, each country tried desperately to hit a target on the ice rink.

Greece won the gold with silver going to Holland/Scotland and the bronze to Poland. The judging was carefully scrutinized by the participants and much frivolity took place.

The countries then marched off the ice and proceeded to thaw out inside with the appropriate drinks.

Other games were enjoyed, then costume judging, followed by a scrumptious Pot Luck. Dinner consisted of moose stew, tortieres, empanadas, cabbage rolls, Greek salad, shortbread, baklava, cheeses, grapes, apple pie and biscotti.

The host and hostess were thanked by all and it was agreed that in four years that they should repeat the party. A great time was had by everyone that attended!

If you thought you saw the Olympics taking place on the ice that day well you weren’t seeing things. You see, you never know what is going on, on Lake Simcoe.

Marj Mossman, reporting from Innisfil, Ontario, on the shores of Lake Simcoe.

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