Good news — our presentation to the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority Board passed muster. Barb and I are over the moon as this means that we have the backing of the LSRCA.

Our petitions are being circulated around the Lake and we're not sure at this point how many we have acquired but we must be around 3,000.

If you are asked to sign, please do, as this is all part of the criteria to have Lake Simcoe designated as the First Heritage Lake in Canada.

We received the following letter and we decided to share it with you:

Dear Ms. Mossman and Ms. Love,

I have been following your efforts to have my beloved Lake Simcoe classified as the first heritage lake in Canada, and I heartily applaud what you are endeavouring to do.

Champlain paddled up my bay towards the present-day Barrie, as did Governor Simcoe. I know in my heart that both stopped for the night on Bear Point, and fished and swam where I do today. The historical significance of Lake Simcoe cannot be underestimated.

A young flyer out of Camp Borden flew over my beach in 1943, and unfortunately, crashed to his death on the present-day Southam property just to the east when he couldn't pull out of a stall. He was supposed to marry my Aunt Audrey.  Such an event lends great meaning to the lives of the Lake's inhabitants, and adds richness to their social history.

I cherish the memory of visits from "the Indians" — two or three native women who visited my fmily cottage from the early 1920s to the '60s, selling exquisite birchbark and quill work that is unequalled anywhere else in the world. This Lake is sacred to our native inhabitants, and a Heritage designation would bring honour to them.

I watch the "Serendipity Princess" paddle its way up and down my bay on enchanting summer evenings, accompanies by happy sounds of dancing. This modern addition to my lakescape is important from an economic standpoint, and the Lake has ever provoked employment to those who live around it, as well as recreation to those who visit it.

Yesterday, I counted six little toads and innumerable butterflies as I walked my property to see which indigenous plants were pushing up out of the soil. My husband called out, "Here's a little mole that's come to the surface!" I'm hoping to see another preying mantis like the one I saw last year. The bunny has eaten all our lettuce sprouts, but we don't care; we're so glad he's here. And last week, I saw that old brown fox, and the pileated woodpecker. Now if only I could find some way of keeping those darn coons from hiding under my cottage! The abundant flora and fauna make Lake Simcoe worthy of a heritage designation.

And I finally bought myself a rowboat. What bliss on a calm morning or evening!

These are only a few of the reasons why my family endorses your dedicated effort to have Lake Simcoe designated as a Heritage Lake. This designation will increase public awareness of Lake Simcoe, and such awareness will help restore and protect an extraordinary natural asset that is enjoyed and loved by so many.


Laurie Wallace, Innisfil

If you would like to send us your story of the Lake, please do.

You can send your story to us, care of Lake Simcoe Living,
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We would welcome it! Until next time......