These days the Lake is looking bleak and cold. There are not as many lights around the bay at night as the cottagers have all gone home. Only a few brave fishermen are out on the water. There are many different kinds of ducks flying through on their way south, staying for only a couple of days to feed on schools of fish.

It’s fun to watch them swim like mad one way and then turn and swim like mad the other way. The Canada geese are practising daily in formation, for their trip to warmer places.

We have cardinals, chickadees, juncos and finches at our feeder. The leaves are all down and tucked around the plants or what is left of them in the garden & we don’t have to cut the lawn ‘til next spring.   

 There are light up ceremonies, office parties, craft shows, church suppers, pot lucks & parades all around Lake Simcoe & its Watershed. Christmas is coming!

The Heritage Lake Simcoe executive has not met for a while but we will be meeting in the New Year. We are going to work on interviewing people around the lake for a “Stories of Lake Simcoe Collection”.

If you have a story, please send it into Lake Simcoe Living magazine or email us. We’re also setting up interviews with folks around the lake, for example, in the Carnegie Library in Beaverton. We are still collecting signatures for our petition & will be trying to get more letters of endorsement from Councils in the waterdshed.

What we are doing is all going to come together to send in to the Provincial and Federal Governments in order for Lake Simcoe to become the first Heritage Lake in Canada. This project is an exciting one for sure and a lot of work but it will all be worth it.

Did you realize that in December 2012, we had the 12th month & the 12th day & 12 minutes after noon. It will not happen again in our lifetime.

 We have some other ideas in the works for next spring but we’ll tell you about them when the time comes. In the meantime, have a very Merry Christmas & best wishes for a healthy, happy New Year.

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