Despite the love affair anglers have with weeds because most know how important they are to fish, they can still pose a major challenge. Hooks can easily get caught in weeds and globs of weeds at the end of your line won’t catch anything. Similarly, deep weed growth can be difficult to see, and not knowing where weed lines exist will minimize success.

Here are Lake Simcoe Living‘s top tips and products to help catch fish in weeds:

• Several weedless lures are available. A Texas rigged Trigger X worm on a Gamakatsu worm hook and BPS Tungsten worm weight can be used in the thickest weeds without becoming hung up. It’s a great rig for largemouth bass

• A Terminator Spinnerbait can be cast among the weeds and is productive for bass and northern pike.

• A Rapala DT 16 or DT 20 is the ultimate deep diving crankbait when worked next to a deep weedline. Lake Simcoe largemouth and pike especially favour the firetiger color.

• Lowrance’s new High Definition Sonar Units are your ultimate eyes below the water. They clearly identify weed growth below the boat and the remarkable new side scanning units provide images of weed lines (and other structures) far off to the side of the boat.

• Navionics Chips in the above sonar offer mapping capabilities for Lake Simcoe that identify where much of the weed growth on the lake is. Likewise, the Lowrance units have a built-in GPS that allows you to save and mark those productive weed beds for future reference.