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Muskie love

Muskie love

Muskelunge are one of Ontario’s top gamefish and are at the top of the food chain wherever they reside. They are known as the "fish of a thousand casts" but highly skilled muskie anglers will dispute this notion.

The current Ontario record is a Lake Huron/Georgian Bay muskellunge weighing in at an even 65 pounds and was caught on a Rapala Countdown by Ken O’Brian in 1988.

In these large waters, muskie can feed on pelagic baitfish where high protein forage such as ciscoes provide optimal growth rates.

Many believe with the burgeoning cisco fishery now rebounding in Lake Simcoe, that "if and when" muskie do become established, Simcoe will become a prime destination for trophy sized fish.

Please see the September-October 2014 issue of Lake Simcoe Living Magazine for the full story on the Muskie recovery program in the Lake Simcoe area.

Here are some additional photos:



















Muskie eggs collected from Gloucester Pool being poured into jar, destined for the hatchery at Fleming College.





















Wil Wegman with a muskie.





















Collecting eggs from a female muskelunge.







































These underwater shots were taken after muskie egg collection was complete. All of the fish were sampled,
tagged and released in good health.









































Aurora District MNRF biologist Emily Funnel gets ready to stock some muskie into Lake Simcoe.


Photos courtesy of Wil Wegman





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