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Spring is in the air at the Nature Centre

At this time of year, the pond at the Robert L. Bowles Nature Centre is alive with activity. Compared with the summer months, the pond is nearly double in size due to a high water table, runoff, and the spring thaw.

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See all the spring things!

2022 04 03 hawke spring

By David Hawke -- As we jump over that figurative seasonal puddle from March into April there can be noted a very dynamic shift within the natural communities. Winter things are disappearing and spring things are showing up in every habitat type from wilderness to urban.

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Really early Spring flowers

2022 03 26 hawke bloomsBy David J. Hawke -- The calendar has finally caught up with what wildlife have known for a few weeks… it’s spring!

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Looking for a feline friend who will stay by your side?

2022 03 24 Emma 6small

Emma is a friendly four-year-old domestic shorthair who loves people.

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Spring has Sprung

Happy Spring, everyone!

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The robins are back!

2022 03 20 robins are back

By David J. Hawke -- The robins are back!

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As busy as beavers this Spring

2022 03 23 beavers

By David J. Hawke — The upcoming thaws will be a welcome change to the season for most of us, but for the local beaver families the soft ice and open water will be as exciting as the lifting of COVID restrictions have been for us. “Get me out of this one-room lodge!!”

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Dynamic duo Willy and Aries want a home together

2022 03 11 Aries and Willy

Willy and Aries are the best of friends who are looking for a home together after their previous family could no longer care for them.

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Mammal Tracking - The Eye of a Detective

Diagonal walkers, pacers or waddlers, bounders and gallopers; these are just some of the new terms we learned at our Mammal Tracking workshop last Saturday, Feb. 26. Bob Bowles led a group of outdoor enthusiasts on an expedition into the wetlands at the Robert L. Bowles Nature Centre, where so many mammals make the area their winter home. The wetland is protected and shielded from a good deal of adverse weather and also predators. With everything frozen over, we were able to hike into the heart of the wetland.

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Surviving Spring

2022 03 05 hawke snowshoe hare

By David Hawke -- Let me do a quick recap of the recent winter weather: plus 5C thaw, rain showers, then minus 25C, four inches of snow, plus another six inches of snow, then minus 25C again, and now four more inches of snow.

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Wildlife Winter Olympics

2022 02 26 hawke winter olympics small

By David Hawke -- Good morning to all you wild sports fans and welcome to Day 76 of the Wildlife Winter Olympic Games. I'm Buck Boaring, your host for the day, and joining us to report from the field is Chip Underfoot. Yes, indeed, these 90-day Games are indeed proving to be as exciting as ever, with each event providing both crushing defeats and ultimate survivals. Let's go to Chip who's covering the early morning events at Bird Feeder Stadium. Chip, are you there?

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Snuggle-bun Reggie, the Gentle Giant, needs a fur-ever home

2022 02 23 Reggie 3
2022 02 23 reggie5

Reggie is a one-year-old neutered and litterbox trained bunny looking for his fur-ever home! This 10-pound snuggle-bun is known to animal caretakers at the Ontario SPCA Provincial Education & Animal Centre as the Gentle Giant. He is also extremely tidy and does his business in his litterbox.

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Explosion of snow and branches

2022 02 19 grouse explosion

By David J. Hawke

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Spreading info on invasives

2022 02 12 hawke invasives part 2By David J. Hawke — A couple of weeks ago this column mentioned that there are a lot of conferences going on right now; and the trend continues!

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Brothers Yoshi and Sebastian want a loving home 

Seb and Yoshi 1small

Yoshi and Sebastian are brothers who were adopted as kittens 10 years ago from the Ontario SPCA Provincial Education & Animal Centre.

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Love is in the air

2022 02 05 hawke foxBy David Hawke -- Ah, mid-winter and love is in the air.

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Snowshoe basics

2022 01 29 snowshoes

By David J. Hawke — My snowshoes gave a pleasing “whoof… whoof… whoof” sound as I broke trail after that recent dump of snow. The snowfall certainly brought about the need for these winter appendages, as without the webbed devices Julie and I would have been floundering a bit.

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A sweetheart waiting for a loving home

brush 5

Brush (pronounced broosh) is a nine-year-old cat that came into the care of the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society in early January when her family could no longer care for her.

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Winter — a time to share field strategy

2022 01 25 hawke conferences

By David J. Hawke -- Ah, winter: that time of the year when all good field workers hunker down over piles of data sheets and screen shot after screen shot of last summer’s work.

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The wonder of the Wolf Moon

Once a month, or more specifically every 29.5 days, we have a full moon.

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