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Autumn icons show that Nature carries on

2021 11 07 hawke Autumn icons

By David Hawke — Judging by the pile of coats, jackets, hats, boots and gloves just inside the door, I'd have to say that we are smack dab in the middle of autumn.

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Update: Bonded pair of cats adopted!


Charlotte and Jazz are a bonded pair of cats who are seeking a home together.Charolotte

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Wetlands and Climate Change

Last week we talked about the importance of wetlands and listed five to 10 benefits of protecting and restoring our wetlands.

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Shy fisher takes on formidable prey — and small pets

2021 10 31 hawke fisher

By David Hawke -- The animal that crossed the road in front of me was big. Well, not bear-sized big, but big in comparison to most of the local mammals. The dark body was about the same dimensions as a fox, but with much shorter legs. What really gave away its identity was the undulating flow of its body as it ran across the view as seen from my windshield. Fisher!

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Wetlands help keep us and the environment healthy

We have all heard of wetlands but do we really know their significance and importance to the health of our environment?

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Home invaders on tiny feet

2021 10 23 hawke mice smaller

By David Hawke — Signs of autumn: geese flying south, leaves turning colour, drop in air temperature… and, oh yeah, mice moving into our houses. Seems inevitable as each October night once again brings that annoying “scritch, scritch, scritch” from somewhere deep inside the walls.

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'Staggering' numbers of birds on Lake Simcoe

2021 10 21 CORMORANTSsmallA reader sent this question to Bob Bowles, Lake Simcoe Nature Detective.

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Kami and JoJo need a home together

2021 10 21 adoption JoJo2021 10 21 adoption KamiWhat’s better than one cat? Two cats, of course!

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Mushrooms as natural works of art — not food

2021 10 16 hawke mushroomsBy David Hawke — It’s ‘shroom season and across the land can be heard the murmuration, “Can I eat it?”

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Thankful for the trees and colours

Our 'Giving Thanks For a Rainbow of Colour (and Mushrooms)' workshop, held over Thanksgiving weekend, was a success even though it rained and was overcast during most of Bob's presentation. Our participants wanted the show to go on, so large patio style umbrellas were put up to keep us dry. Jim and Donna, participants of all of Bob's workshops brought them and their act of kindness saved the day.

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Tis the season — for mushrooms

Some would think Tis the Season with the activity that is happening currently on social media. So much excitement and enthusiasm going on with many who are talking and sharing photographs of their latest find — you guessed it, mushrooms.

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Remarkable increase in sandhill crane numbers

2021 10 10 sandhill.cranes

By David J. Hawke -- As a nature-loving kind of guy I like to think that a report of a species strengthening its population is a good thing. So often the story is in the other 'direction', in that one species after another is dwindling to a point of possible extinction. And so, it has been a bit of a surprise to watch the ever-growing flocks of sandhill cranes that are passing by, quite noisily, high overhead.

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Oreo is playful, independent and ready to join your family

2021 10 05 oreo brown whiteIf you are looking for a furry companion who is oh so sweet, Oreo might be the purr-fect fit for your family!

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'Butt breathing' is turtles' secret to survival

2021 10 03 hawke turtles

By David J. Hawke -- While stepping with great care and caution into the canoe (I have to reluctantly admit that I’m not as agile as I used to be) my enthusiasm for the adventure ahead had to be held in check and focused on the task at hand. Getting a soaker, or worse, before even leaving the shore puts a real damper on the day. (Get it? Soaker… damper?)

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Sunflowers - A vision of gratitude

Those beautiful, tall, (sometimes) yellow flower heads facing the sun. You can't help but smile and acknowledge their beauty when you see them in a field or in a garden.

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Future uncertain for delicate beechdrops

2021 09 25 beechdrops

By David J. Hawke -- Over the past few months, more than 500 species of local flowering plants have put forth their blossoms in hopes of creating seeds for future generations of itself. As we slip into late summer the last on the list of wildflowers have been producing flowers and seeds at a great rate.

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Eat more plants for a healthy planet

FruitShare 3For the month of September, Living Green Barrie’s (LG) climate action is ‘Eat More Plants’.

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Autumn — a good time to learn about harvestmen

2021 09 20 harvestmenBy David Hawke --  A few things in nature look like they got in the wrong line for their identification documents.

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The butterfly journey continues

2021 09 14 butterfly4We wrote at the beginning of September about the migration of the Monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus) to Mexico.

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A hawk by any other name — is still a marvel of Nature

2021 09 12 hawke peregrine

By David J. Hawke — Here’s a nature riddle for you: A group of birdwatchers is making a list of birds they’ve seen so far that day. On the list are Duck Hawk, Marsh Hawk, Pigeon Hawk and Sparrow Hawk. What year is it?

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