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What exactly is a Sustainable Community?

My name is Stephanie Edwards and I am a third year Honours Bachelor of Arts & Science/Anthropology student at Lakehead University’s Orillia campus. I will be writing this blog alongside some of Lakehead’s exceptional professors who are involved in many different kinds of research. Much of their research is focused on the development of sustainable communities.

What exactly is a sustainable community, you ask?

The idea of sustainability is very broad, and typically involves a focus on the environmental, economic and social wellbeing for today and tomorrow. Our communities are not only the places in which we live and work, but are the places where we hope to raise our children and grandchildren. By working together, especially under the University’s new “Research Centre for Sustainable Communities,” the professors at Lakehead are helping to ensure that all of the interconnected parts of our communities – from business to community wellness to ecosystems – remain healthy for a very long time to come.

One of the best things about the research going on at Lakehead is that it doesn’t stop with the professors’ involvement. Students are encouraged to actively participate and make important contributions to the research.

A recent example is the work of students Brooke Marion and Kayla Snyder, who assisted Dr. Chris Murray in creating a sustainable form of pavement that acts as a water filtration system. Their research findings were recently published in an international academic journal, which is quite an extraordinary accomplishment, especially for undergraduate students.

I hope that through this blog, I will help you learn about the interesting research taking place at the University and how it contributes to making our communities sustainable for you and your family – for generations to come. 


Photo: Lakehead student researchers Brooke Marion (left) and Kayla Snyder (right), along with their research supervisor, Dr. Chris Murray (centre), demonstrate the process to create a new permeable pavement. 


Stephanie Edwards is a third year Honours Bachelor of Arts & Science/Anthropology student at Lakehead University’s Orillia campus. She works part-time with the Lakehead Orillia Communications Office as a Marketing Communications Assistant.


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