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Check out EVs at the 'Tread Lightly EV Show' July 31


Did you know that private vehicles contribute to more than half of Barrie’s greenhouse gas emissions?

Living Green Barrie (LG) is asking citizens to reconsider how they move about the city and around the Lake Simcoe area. Let’s think about the impact that transporting ourselves can have on the environment.

As costs of electric vehicles continue to go down and major car companies commit to shifting production to electric, owning an EV will be in reach for more of us as time goes on.

Will your next vehicle be electric?

EVs may not provide all the answers to our climate crisis, and have environment challenges as well, but they are a huge step in a direction towards slowing climate change.

Living Green Barrie is excited to be hosting the first in-person event of the year — the ‘Tread Lightly EV Show’!

This small, outdoor EV show is a chance for anyone considering buying electric for their next vehicle to ask questions to real EV owners and check out different makes and models of EVs. Vehicles and their owners will be stationed next to the EV chargers in Heritage Park on Saturday, July 31, starting at 10am.

Don’t miss LG’s tent on Dunlop Street with Open Air Dunlop to find out more about how you can take action on climate change.

Of course, private vehicles aren’t the only method of transportation to consider when thinking of lowering your carbon footprint.

Next time you’re headed to the Barrie Farmer’s Market or dining on a patio down by the lake, challenge yourself to get there by walking or cycling. It’s good for your health and good for the health of our planet.

Photo by Ron Groves: 2020 KIA Soul EV Limited at a charging station.

Living Green Barrie’s mission is to guide citizens, businesses and local leaders toward actions that foster sustainability and resilience in the Barrie and Lake Simcoe community. To learn more about Living Green Barrie, please visit:

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