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Hay bale garden, Day 12

In the Lake Simcoe area, it's a little early in the season to plant a vegetable garden. But things are already underway in our Bradford backyard!

We are planting our veggies in bales of hay this year, and the bales have to be soaked, conditioned, "cooked" and cooled before any planting can begin. We started the process 12 days ago; the bales are soaked with water on one day, and sprinkled with nitrogen and soaked on the second day.

2016 04 26 haybalesAfter 12 days of this two-day process, the bales appear a little smaller and a little brighter in colour, to my eye. From the ripe smell in our small yard, we are fairly certain the hay in the middle of the bales must be "cooking" — starting to break down.


Are you planting vegetables this year? Do you have any tips? Have you ever tried a hay bale or straw bale garden?



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Starting a hay bale garden


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