Connecting Lake Simcoe's Community

The Lake Simcoe Ice Fishing Pledge

Lake Simcoe anglers have taken the pledge. Read the pledge below, then take it yourself here.

As a responsible and caring ice angler on Lake Simcoe, I PLEDGE:

  • To know and follow all the fishing regulations
  • To quickly live release all fish with a year-round closed season like cisco (lake herring) and muskie
  • To be able to identify fish species found in Lake Simcoe — so that I know which ones have closed seasons and need to be released immediately if caught
  • To recognize the value of unclipped “wild” lake trout and lake whitefish
  • To voluntarily release extra large fish and keep the smaller ones for a meal or two
  • To report any fishing violations to the MNR Tips line – 1-877-TIPS-MNR (847-7667)
  • To keep litter and old fishing line from blowing away and to take all of my garbage off the ice with me
  • To never waste fish, take only what I need, and to quickly and carefully live release all other fish I catch
  • To park responsibly so as to not block driveways or infringe on privacy of local homeowners
  • To always show courtesy and have respect for other anglers, local residents, non-anglers and the environment To set up my hut or ice holes at a respectable distance (eg 50-60m) from other anglers and commercial ice hut operations
  • To only use a snowmobile, ATV or other vehicle on the ice when I am absolutely convinced conditions are safe, and if I do I will drive responsibly, always thinking about the safety of myself and others
  • To take my hut and all of its contents off of the ice by the March 15 deadline
  • To become a true ambassador to the sport of ice fishing by promoting this great wholesome outdoor activity to others — especially our future anglers:
  • “Today’s young people are tomorrow’s anglers and the future of our sport, so please TAKE A KID ICE FISHING!”                     
  • I also PLEDGE to minimize my impact on the environment by:
  • Not throwing garbage down the fishing holes
  • Not emptying bait buckets with live minnows down the hole
  • Using only baitfish caught from the Lake Simcoe watershed (Bait and tackle shops should know where their baitfish originate; so please ask)
  • Calling the OFAH/MNR Invading Species Hotline (1-800 563-7711) if I suspect I have caught a species not native to Lake Simcoe. (Please keep the fish for positive identification.)
  • Never refueling equipment such as ice augers or snowmobiles while I’m on the ice.
  • Sharing this code of conduct and its message of good lake stewardship with others.
  • Staying informed about environmental issues facing Lake Simcoe and making every effort to protect and conserve this great fishery for future generations.



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Saturday, 18 January 2020

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