One of my greatest pleasures is driving around Lake Simcoe, and as publisher of Lake Simcoe Living, I get to do that quite a bit - meeting people, going to events, delivering magazines, and taking photos are just some of the activities my role requires.
But increasingly I am aware that my trips around the lake come at a cost to the environment.
I drive a small, energy-efficient car, but it burns gasoline. And the more I learn about the detrimental effects of capturing, transporting and burning fossil fuel, the less I enjoy my time on the road.
So it's time to find a vehicle that will do less harm to the environment. At the same time, it should be easy to load and be able to carry a few hundred magazines.
Do I look for a hybrid? Or an electric car? What is going to do the least harm, and still allow me to do my job?
Do you have any recommendations to help in my search?