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Life along the dead end

Life along the dead end

There is a dead end street near my home in Bradford that has provided a series of wonders through the\is spring, summer and fall.

In five years of living in Bradford, I had not ventured down this road, which is bordered by a couple of houses, a farm awaiting developers, and a section of the Holland Marsh canal.

But earlier this year, a golden retriever named Lizzie came to live with us, and now wandering along this dead end road is part of our daily routine.

In the warm weather, there was a cardinal that called and called - it seemed he could not find a mate all season.
There was a shy heron, living alongside the canal.
There was a series of interesting snakes, some live and some, sadly, killed on the road, including a little golden beauty that did not make it across.

And now, it seems a beaver is building a dam in the canal, at the base of a tree that is next to the road. In the past couple of weeks, the mud around the tree has become thicker, and the pile of branches is growing.

With development soon starting on the opposite side of the dead end road, I fear for its fate.

See you at the lake,


Photo by Johanna Powell: Along the dead end


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