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LSRCA Media Award Winner

As publisher of Lake Simcoe Living, I recently received the 2011 Media Recognition Award from the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority.

The award is for providing "significant media coverage of issues of environmental significance in the Lake Simcoe watershed." It was the 30th anniversary of the LSRCA's conservation awards —  and the 60th anniversary of the organization. The full list of award winners is on — look for the story in the News Splashes section on the Home Page.

It is a tremendous honour to be part of a list of very dedicated people who have contributed so much to the Lake Simcoe area.

But I have to wonder whether any one of us has done enough.

Part of my morning exercise routine is a brisk walk in the south end of Bradford, where I live. From the hill behind W.H. Day Elementary School, you can see across the suburban rooftops to the dark, fertile soil of the Holland Marsh. William Day, the University of Guelph professor whose successful campaign to drain the marsh and plant crops changed the face of agriculture in southern Ontario, would be proud.

I can't imagine his reaction, however, if he were then to look across the fields and see the floodlights marking the location where a gas-fired power plant is under construction.

Go to the top of the hill some early morning, look south toward Newmarket, and weep.

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