It's time our municipal leaders in the Lake Simcoe area rejected the bullying tactics still used by some developers.

The balance of power has changed in the Lake Simcoe Watershed, but our mayors and councillors, and the developers, haven't recognized the shift.

For many years, municipalities have courted developers. More houses mean a larger tax base; and, to be fair, the municipalities are required to meet growth targets set by the Ontario government.

These targets mean another 500,000 people will live on the Lake Simcoe Watershed by 2031 — double the current population.

But the land for development is finite. Developers should be competing for this land, bringing the newest thinking in sustainable development to the table.

Our councillors should demand more from the developers that come forward. Every project should be low-impact-development. Every house and building should have solar panels on the roof, with Energy Star appliances and low-water-use toilets and showers.

These things cost money, some people argue, and developers would never agree to these types of conditions.
But developers who want prime Lake Simcoe area property should have to earn the right to build here.