Anyone travelling along Highway 11, Yonge Street, north of Newmarket, can't miss the signs of progress.
Over the winter months, the forest on the northern side of the hill between Newmarket and Bradford has been stripped of trees, the logs piled, then taken away.
Many driving this route have seen the deer wandering through the barren acres, seeming puzzled, looking for food and the familiar forest.
At dusk tonight, a herd of about eight or nine filed one behind the other down the hill, through the snow, glancing over at the double row of northwest-bound headlights, cars headed for Bradford and beyond. I watched with sadness and dismay, hoping they would not try to cross, tempted by the wooded areas on the other side of the road.
I don't know what is going to be built on this land. Houses? Roads? Industrial buildings?
What does it matter?
In all the planning, surveying, designing, there was no plan for these deer and the other creatures who called this forest home. Where will they go?