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Who will you vote for in the Ontario Election on Oct. 6, 2011?

Did you watch the Ontario Election Debate? Who won the debate? Who is going to win the election?

What did you think of Premier McGuinty's boast about his government's green energy policy?

Remember, this is the government that put a gas-fired generator on the Holland Marsh, a flood plain protected under several pieces of its own legislation.

A similar plant in Mississauga was cancelled last weekend — OK, Mr. McGuinty says it was relocated. But the effect is the same — it will be relocated to somewhere that makes more sense (hopefully). What is the difference between the proposed Mississauga and Oakville plants and the Holland Marsh plant? The two proposed — now cancelled or "moved" — plants were located in Liberal ridings, and the sudden "rethinking" of those plants may save Liberal seats in this election. The Holland Marsh plant is located in the riding of PC MPP Julia Munro.  Another difference? Money. Or in the case of the Holland Marsh fight, lack of it. How is this for irony? In order to stop the Holland Marsh plant, it might be better to have a Liberal MPP.Who are you going to vote for? Take Lake Simcoe Living's straw poll at It's on the Home Page, down the right-hand side. Look for the arrow and click on Lake Simcoe Living Poll.

Then vote on Oct. 6 for the person or party who is the best candidate for Lake Simcoe.

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So much to do around Lake Simcoe!
A very busy summer promoting Heritage Lake Simcoe!

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