Connecting Lake Simcoe's Community

A plurality of Lake Simcoe area voters is opposed to the construction of the Holland Marsh Highway, a survey has found.

Read more: Plurality of Lake Simcoe voters oppose Holland Marsh Highway

Nov. 16, 2021 -- The Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority just added another 137 acres of ecologically sensitive land to its holdings.

Read more: LSRCA acquires 137 acres of wetland, floodplain

Nov 4, 2021 -- In a climate crisis of existential proportions, it is incumbent on groups like ours to challenge the thinking that puts highway building first, in order to protect Ontario’s Greenbelt, Lake Simcoe, fresh water, human health and our climate, local environmental groups say.

Read more: Lake Simcoe People are being misled, enviro groups say

Growth Plan consultations are underway all around the Lake Simcoe watershed, and so far, the plans are not aligning with the best interests of citizens and the environment.

Read more: Lake Simcoe People urged to defend our lake

Oct. 11, 2021 -- Two environmental organizations engaged in a planning process to help Simcoe County prepare for future growth say residents need more information.

Read more: How will extra growth in Simcoe County impact Lake Simcoe?

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