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Have you ever observed a bird in your backyard or along the nature trail and you were not sure of the species – but you were certain it wasn’t in any of your bird guides? Or maybe it was a plant with unusual leaves, flower or growth habitat that you did not recognize?

Maybe a mushroom, reptile, amphibian, mammal or one of the hundreds of species of invertebrates that we have in our area including insects, spiders and those creatures with so many legs found under rocks?

Your subject was so interesting that you wanted to put a name on it, so you spent hours searching the Internet, visiting the library, talking on the telephone with staff from government environmental agencies, checking out field guides at bookstores, asking questions at nature and garden centres - until finally you gave up, leaving the subject unidentified. Maybe you knew the name of the species but wanted it confirmed or wanted to learn more about it.

Bob Bowles has spent a lifetime studying and learning about the creatures around us while building an extensive library and a great knowledge base. He has lead many workshops and training courses on the environment and has a real focus on environmental education. We are very excited at Lake Simcoe Living Magazine to introduce a new feature in every issue of our magazine for our readers, since Bob has agreed to work with us as the Lake’s Nature Detective.

Do you want to ask The Lake’s Nature Detective a question about the animals, birds, insects and plants around us? The procedure is simple. Find a subject in the environment that you want to learn more about. Send us a request describing your inquiry, along with your name and contact information.

Please include the habitat in which you found your subject and an indication of its size. Include two photos with your request, a top view of your subject and a side view that clearly shows the subject well. Include in your photo an object that will help us with the size. A metric or imperial scale is best but even placing your car keys or coins from your pocket beside the object will help us judge the size. Our Nature Detective will tell you – and other Lake Simcoe Living readers – all about what you found.

The Nature Detective will answer your questions in Lake Simcoe Living and we will publish the photos that you provided. 

We are pleased to provide this feature that will help Lake Simcoe people understand and appreciate the many creatures and plants around them.

Send in your questions and watch for the answers in upcoming issues of Lake Simcoe Living Magazine!

Send your nature questions and photos to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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