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The City of Barrie Roads Department says the city will help to avoid almost half a million dollars in costs this year by collecting and recycling road sand as part of winter control.



“The best part about this innovation is that it came from the front lines— from the staff who do this job every year,”said Dave Friary, Director of Roads, Parks and Fleet at a Barrie council meeting. “We are always looking for new ways of providing safe driving conditions that are more environmentally and economically sustainable.”
The sand that is collected from roads during the annual spring street sweeping program typically has been disposed of at the landfill.

In the fall of 2016 staff looked into the possibility of recycling the sand for future winter control use. After a thorough screening of the sand that was collected from roads, staff found that the sand still maintained municipal standards and was suitable for re-use on roads.

By recycling the sand collected during street sweeping, Barrie will have a cost avoidance of almost half a million dollars and help extend the life of the landfill.
 Recycled Street Sweeting Pilot Program by the numbers:
• 7,400 tonnes of sand applied to City streets last winter
• 4,137 tonnes of street sweepings collected in the spring/summer
• 3,600 tonnes of usable, recycled street sweepings
• 741 tonnes of waste ‘overs’ disposed
• 87 percent of 2017 street sweepings were diverted from the landfill

The Roads, Parks and Fleet department hopes to continue the project next year pending review of the first year pilot.

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