Connecting Lake Simcoe's Community

Growth Plan consultations are underway all around the Lake Simcoe watershed, and so far, the plans are not aligning with the best interests of citizens and the environment.

That's the conclusion of the Rescue Lake Simcoe Coalition, which adds: Citizen action is urgently required.

RLSC says people are needed to show their support for the Lake Simcoe environment at public meetings next week in Innisfil and York Region. 

York Region

Tuesday, October 19, 6-8 PM
This is the East Gwillimbury Council meeting - we want people to delegate to Council, and send letters to York Region Council heads (all of Council) about why developing 100% white belt lands in EG by 2051 is a bad idea. I made a little video about why I think it's a bad idea, below.

Thursday, October 21, 9 AM
York Region Municipal Comprehensive Review meeting when they probably approve an intensification rate. We are organizing people to delegate to York Region. The deadline for this is Wednesday, October 20 at noon. Here is the Form.

Resources for you:

  • Visit this page on our website for links to letters to York Region from us, and watch the How to Stop the Big Sprawl webinar recording - it was made for this! 

Wednesday, October 20th, 7 PM
Innisfil is hosting a "virtual public workshop" about how Innisfil plans to accommodate at least a doubling of its population in 30 years. You can attend, learn, and ask questions. 

This link provides excellent info about it and what is being discussed and provides simple feedback opportunities for you. You can also register at that link if you want to speak. 

"It's now or never. Once their plans for how many single-family homes, how many apartments etc., and how much farmland to use for it are sent to Simcoe County, it will be VERY difficult to change. This is one of those moments that matter A LOT. 

(Monday, Oct 18 at noon is the deadline for requests and submitting materials for EG Council. Delegations form.)

Alternatively, you can write a letter to the clerk and Councillors. Contact info here

Resources for you: 

Next steps for Simcoe County:

  • What happens in Innisfil will be influenced by what happens in Simcoe County. 
  • Register for Simcoe County's Oct 18 & 19 sessions about climate change, natural heritage, watershed planning and agriculture, to learn more and to ask questions. Reports on those topics came out last night: get them here.

Please, don't miss the chance to shape our future. It's us or the developers. We know they are all over staff and Councillors, trying to get their developments approved. If lots of us don't show up and stand up for a healthy future for our municipalities, the developers win. 

Letter to citizens written by Claire Malcolmson, Executive Director, Rescue Lake Simcoe Coalition

Photo of dead end street courtesy of RLSC

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