Connecting Lake Simcoe's Community

This year's bass fishing season opens June 28 throughout much of southern Ontario, and thousands of bass anglers are anxious to begin fishing for their favourite species once again.

Bass are typically the last species to open … and for many, it has been a long wait since their season closed — Nov. 30, 2011, in Lake Simcoe and throughout the rest of Fisheries Management Zone 16.

This year many anglers will be eager to try a relatively new rig while pursuing bass in Ontario. There was some debate among these anglers as to how legal this rig was, so we have developed the attached fact sheet to help set the record straight for recreational anglers. 
The Umbrella Rig Quick Facts:

• The Umbrella rig, also known as the Alabama rig, was used to win a large bass fishing tournament in Alabama in October 2011.  This is now one of the most sought-after pieces of tackle in the bass-fishing community both here in Ontario and throughout the United States.

• The rig consists of a hard body with a line-tie followed by five wire strands in a fan design, each with a snap swivel at the end.  Anglers can attach a variety of lures to each swivel for a look that is meant to imitate a school of baitfish.

• In Ontario, it is illegal to fish with a line that has more than four hooks attached.  The original Alabama rig with five hooks or lures attached is not permitted for use in the province, but one modified to four strands or arms to accommodate only four hooks is allowed. (See photo.)

Information is also available on the the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources site:




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