Connecting Lake Simcoe's Community

The mixed forests of Scanlon Creek Conservation Area are a beautiful sight for hikers and photographers and the perfect haven for plants and animals to flourish.

This biodiversity was celebrated last month by more than 60 nature-enthusiasts, specialists and volunteers who took part in the 2nd Annual Scanlon Creek BioBlitz, hosted by Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (LSRCA) and the Friends of Scanlon Creek. 

As part of the event, participants surveyed and identified more than 400 species, including the Eastern Wood Pee-Wee, a bird considered a species of special concern; the Wood Duck, a tree-nesting duck; and the Wood Frog, known for its ability to survive in freezing temperatures.

“Discovering new and unique species is what makes the BioBlitz such an exciting event”, explains Christa Sharp, watershed coordinator at LSRCA.

“Plants, insects, birds and mammals all have an important part to play in a healthy ecosystem, and when we’re able to find so many different species, it’s a great news story; we know that area is thriving.”
BioBlitz volunteers also identified:
·        160 insects and spiders
·        138 plants
·        81 birds         
·        9 reptiles and amphibians
·        14 mammals
·        8 species of fish
Collection of this information allows LSRCA to monitor changes over time and track the movement of endangered species or species of special concern.

* A BioBlitz is an intensive biological survey of a specific area with the goal of recording all the living species within that area. These types of events are done over a continuous time period; often 24 hours.

In the photo: It’s turtle time! Explorers Micaya and Ashley get up close to a Wood Turtle at the Scanlon Creek BioBlitz “turtle talk” session presented by Scales Nature Park.

Article and photo provided by Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority: "Our mission is to work with our community to protect and restore 
the Lake Simcoe watershed by leading research, policy and action."

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