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Four big-name comic book creators, including the creators of Deadpool and Spider-girl, will be in Orillia next spring, attending the city's first comic book show.

The four are: writer Fabian Nicieza, of Deadpool; artist Mark Bagley, known as the creator of Carnage and Spider-girl and for his various runs on Spider-man; legendary artist Bob Layton, who is the co-founder of comic book publisher Valiant; and, artist Lenord Kirk, who has done numerous books for Marvel and DC Legend. More guests are expected to be announced as they confirm attendance.

Orillia Comic-con is being put on by Dr. Comics. Organizers say many people think of a comic convention as a gathering of nerds, or they are reminded of the TV show The Big Bang Theory, where the characters could not get tickets to a big comic-con. "With Orillia Comic-Con, we hope to show the public what they are really all about."

While many of the large con's in recent years have focused more on movies, celebrities, and gaming, Orillia Comic-Con organizers hope to have a balanced representation of all forms of pop culture at the show. Originally comic-con's were intended for comics, however, so lots of comics will be available at the show.

"The great thing about Orillia Comic-Con is you get to meet some of your favourite creators from many different mediums," organizers 2016 11 20 Orillia.Con.Logosay. "There is also an artist alley where amateur and professional artists (local, national and international) can show off and sell their work or get the word out about their business or new project." They are also holding a cosplay party and contest, where attendees can dress up as a favourite comic, video game, cartoon, anime or movie character. It's an excellent time, with the chance to win some fantastic prizes and see what people come up with for costumes. Costumes usually range from amateur fun to professional-looking.

CGC (Certified Guarantee Company) will have representatives for artist witness signings, and accepting all comics for CGC grading. So if you have a key issue comic or a particular issue you just love, and you want it professionally graded and preserved, this is a good opportunity.

"This is an event that's great for the businesses and people of the community and surrounding area," organizers say, "and in particular for people who can't get to the larger conventions in Toronto.

Orillia Comic-Con will be held Sunday, May 21, 2017, 10am to 6pm at the Geneva Event Centre, 16 West Street South, Downtown Orillia. For tickets go to

Article and illustration courtesy Orillia Comic-Con

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