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Innisfil, ON (October 14, 2011) – The Town of Innisfil has extended the pilot program for e-waste collection with Electronic Recycling Solutions (ERS), operated by John Hurd, until August 31, 2012. In addition to the two drop bin locations, at the Stroud Arena and the Innisfil Recreational Complex, there is now a third drop bin location in the Cookstown Library parking lot.

Over the past four months, the successful e-waste collection pilot project with ERS has resulted in more than 28,000 pounds of e-waste being collected from two drop-bins located in Innisfil. The success of the Innisfil program has generated interest in other local municipalities, including the Township of Essa. The Township of Essa has launched a six-month pilot program with ERS, and drop bins are currently in place. The two e-waste collection locations in the Township of Essa are in the parking lot of the Thornton Arena and Mill Street at Fraser Street in Angus.

Typical e-waste collection includes old televisions, computer monitors, computer towers, computer key-boards, stereo systems, radios, small electronic appliances, etc.  These items are removed from the traditional waste stream and delivered to a waste recycling facility, Global Electric Electronic Processing (GEEP), in Barrie where they are processed (stripped down) and recycled according to the materials that are removed from the various electronic products.

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