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Innisfil couple circumnavigate frozen Lake Simcoe to raise funds for local conservation group


Texas Constantine and Leslie Stevens, of Lefroy, are circumnavigating Lake Simcoe on their homemade wind-powered iceboat to raise funds for the Rescue Lake Simcoe Coalition.

They have broken the trip into several stages, starting at De Grassi Point, with stops in Big Bay Point, Orillia, Beaverton, and sailing past Lagoon City and Georgina Island. They started two weeks ago, sailing when wind and ice conditions allowed.

“Last winter we skated across Cook’s Bay. We attempted to use a power-kite to pull us across, but the surface was too rough, and we came up with the idea to build an iceboat. We modified it with skis and used an old sail from our Sunfish sailboat. Our experiment was a success and we wanted to do something meaningful with it,” said Constantine.

“We understand the provincial government is reviewing the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan and we wanted to raise awareness of the threat to this ecosystem if the protections are weakened.”

“We were inspired by an event hosted by Rescue Lake Simcoe Coalition last summer and decided to combine our sense of adventure with enjoyment of the iceboat and love of the lake into supporting a great cause,” added Stevens.

“I have been enjoying the lake all my life, and I’ve seen the health of the lake degrade and improve over my lifetime. It’s made me recognize the fragility of the ecosystem and the need for strong legislation from the government to protect what we have here.”

The couple’s journey has been documented on Facebook, where tax deductible donations to the Recue Lake Simcoe Coalition, a registered charity, can be made:

They talk about their trip at

About: The Rescue Lake Simcoe Coalition is a lake-wide member-based organization that provides leadership and inspires people to take action to protect Lake Simcoe.

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