Connecting Lake Simcoe's Community

Innisfil Council has approved concept plans for the new Innisfil Transit Hub and immediate surrounding area.

“Despite the challenges presented by the COVID-19, we are not slowing down and this Council has taken an important step in making sure that the Transit Hub is ready for Innisfil residents to use as soon as possible,” said Innisfil Mayor Lynn Dollin. “This Transit Hub will be critically-important post-COVID, not just for our economic recovery – but for decades to come.”

The Innisfil Transit Hub and surrounding residential, employment and community uses will incorporate the following design principles:

Sustainability – Improved water quality measures, innovative alternative building requirements and many transportation options to reduce the carbon footprint of the Orbit and the wider community.

Placemaking & Culture – Including destinations and spaces that are high-quality for socializing and reinforcing sense of community.

Technology – The Town of Innisfil has been recognized globally for using new technologies (Innisfil Transit, accepting cryptocurrency for taxes) and this will continue to be embraced through the Transit Hub, in particular, thinking ahead about smart city concepts and emerging technologies.

Economics – The construction of the Transit Hub design concept, if approved, will be funded by the development community and not by taxpayers. The Town is committed to the Orbit community including affordable and attainable housing, together with employment opportunities to create an exciting start-up community of small, medium and even large businesses.

The surrounding development will encourage responsible growth, allowing the population to increase while keeping Innisfil’s features (existing neighbourhoods, rural landscape) considered unique and important by residents. The Orbit is designed to be oriented around sustainability and prioritize public transit and walkability over dependence on cars.

“What we are looking at is an extraordinary opportunity to not just build another development, but a community that will be sustainable, full of culture, technologically-advanced and provide an economic boost for Innisfil,” said Tim Cane, Innisfil Director of Growth. “With Council’s important endorsement we have taken another significant step forward to bring this transit hub to life.”

Last year, Partisans – a Toronto-based architecture studio – was awarded the contract to create the vision for the Orbit. The lead developer for the area, Cortel Group, have decided to move forward with the ambitious vision that will see the new Transit Hub, if approved, and Orbit community built around the area of the 6th Line and east of 20th Sideroad.

Article courtesy of Innisfil Council

Illustrations: Transit Hub design concept above and underground, by Partisans.


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