Connecting Lake Simcoe's Community

You have a great opportunity to ensure that Lake Simcoe stays safe for future generations, writes Tia Harish.


You are invited to comment on the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan by the Ontario government as it undertakes a 10-year review of the plan.

An announcement of the review includes a survey that can be taken by members of the general public. It also mentions a few specific groups that will be directly affected by any changes made to the plan.

The survey aims to provide people with the opportunity to discuss the health of Lake Simcoe, as well as talk about environmental topics that affect them the most. The answers to this survey will determine the kinds of amendments made to the current protection plan

You can get additional information about the LSPP review and a take part in the survey at:

The deadline for completing the survey is March 3, 2021.

Lake Simcoe environmental groups say the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan will need amendments to combat the new challenges that Lake Simcoe will undoubtedly face as time goes on and global warming continues to worsen. More information is available at:

If people do not use this opportunity to invoke some real change, then the environment in and around Lake Simcoe will decrease in diversity and the remaining flora and fauna will be in danger.

Since the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan was place in 2009, some progress has been made on protecting the environment. According to the Minister’s 10 Year Report on Lake Simcoe, ‘This includes a 50-percent reduction in phosphorus from sewage treatment plants entering the watershed since 2009, decreased amounts of algae, and successful reproduction of cold-water fish such as lake trout, although at lower levels than historically’.

There are also several other areas of concern that need to be addressed. Many of these have been recognized, such as restoring aquatic life and improving water quality. The Minister’s Report suggests that although many positive changes have been implemented, there is still a lot of room for improvement.

With more amendments to be made as technology and the environment naturally evolves, this survey is potentially the best opportunity to ensure that Lake Simcoe and its surrounding areas are looked after.

In these ever-changing times, let the one constant be that the people have a voice in their own communities.

If you care about Lake Simcoe, take this opportunity to make a positive impact on both today’s world and the world occupied by future generations. Please urge other people and organizations to take part.

Tia Harish is a Grade 11 student at Richmond Hill High School. Tia is working as an intern with Lake Simcoe Living through the co-op program at their school.

Photo by Tony Bellissimo. See his photo blog at

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