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The Co-Curricular Record was launched as a new and exciting initiative for all students at Lakehead’s Orillia and Thunder Bay campuses.  The CCR is an official document that chronicles a student’s involvement in not-for-credit activities at Lakehead University.
Combined with their Academic Transcript, students will now have the perfect tool to be recognized and celebrated for their achievements inside and outside the classroom.
“Students contribute in many different ways during their time at Lakehead and we feel it’s important to recognize those contributions by providing an official document identifying their achievements and acquired skills,” said Kelli Gray, Acting Director, Student Services, at Lakehead University Orillia.
The CCR documents out-of-classroom, non-credit experiences and activities that Lakehead students have participated in while at the University. It validates a student’s hard work and highlights the learning outcomes and non-academic skills he or she gained while participating in these activities.
“The Co-curricular record allows for students to benefit from value-added volunteerism,” said Charmaine Romaniuk, Lakehead University Student Union Vice-President, Student Issues.
“The CCR is an incentive for students to become involved with the University and community partners by offering an official record of their involvement,” Romaniuk added.
“Research has shown us that students who are engaged in co-curricular activities during their universities studies are also students who develop strong leadership skills, are more self-confident, more thoughtful in making ethical decisions, and more often attain a higher academic standing,” said Marian Ryks-Szelekovszky, Vice-Provost (Student Affairs).
“Involved students are more satisfied with their university education, and having that involvement recognized in a document such as the Co-Curricular Record can be a real advantage to them,” Ryks-Szelekovszky added.
“The CCR will be a great addition to our transcripts and resumés when we’re applying for jobs, or post-graduate opportunities,” said Mason Ainsworth, a third year Honours Bachelor of Commerce student.  “I plan to use it to boost my portfolio and resumé to give myself a competitive advantage when I enter the workforce.”
“Our Co-Curricular Record fits with many of the goals outlined in Lakehead’s Strategic Plan,” said Lakehead President and Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Brian Stevenson. “Specifically, this adds to Lakehead’s learner-centred student experience by providing students with various extracurricular options while attending Lakehead, as well as a means to document and share that experience and those accomplishments with potential employers.”

Article and photos courtesy of Kathy Hunt, Lakehead University

Mason Ainsworth, a third year Business student at Lakehead Orillia, demonstrates the new Co-curricular Record to Susanne Lauro, a third year student in the Honours Bachelor of Arts and Science program. 


Student leaders at Lakehead University Orillia gather with Frank Cappacodia (far left), Lakehead Orillia's Associate Vice-Provost, to celebrate the launch of the University's new Co-curricular Record to support student success.

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